What NOT to do on Thanksgiving Day...

Solae Young

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a very enjoyable holiday. We get out of school for a week, just to sit around and literally eat food, which is fun and all...but there are also things to be careful of this Thanksgiving break.

One thing you should never do unless you want to get murdered is say the food is going to be ready at 5 when it really won’t be ready till 7. People are hungry and you're playing with their food here man. Some people don’t eat the whole day just to be able to stuff their faces full at dinner. Don’t prolong the stuffing of faces.

Another thing you should never do is bring somebody to dinner that wasn’t invited. Bringing someone to dinner that wasn’t invited can and will ruin the mood. Not everybody wants to eat with people they don’t know and that’s less food for everybody else. So just don’t.

One last thing you should never do is talk about how you are ruining your diet. When you talk about ruining your diet, you just make everybody else uncomfortable because they don’t care and nobody asked you to ruin your diet. You made that decision so don’t make others feel uncomfortable by talking about the diet you're about to ruin.

So, with all that said, y’all be safe out there.

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