The racist history of MLK day

MLK day represents the brave resistance of Martin Luther King Jr and his fellow people. But against who?


In Dr.King’s story, you can see that he always fought against racism, whether it be in microaggressions or literal lynching's. 70 years ago, racism was “normal” and accepted by everyone, except the people who were the face of it. This was not normal at all, as you can imagine the pain everyday waking up fearing for the safety of you and your family. Nowadays people who were racist towards Dr. King will try to hide what he went through. In fact, some states STILL do not even observe MLK day!

Fast forward to when Dr.King was assassinated, there are still conspiracy theories today that state that the CIA killed Dr.King and not James Earl Ray. This, again, shows that Racists will try to hide whatever they can, to make themselves not look bad.

I got news for you.

Everyone can see that confederate flag Cletus.

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