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The History of Red Ribbon Week

Saylor Campbell


This week, Austin is celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Founded in 1985 in honor of a fallen Drug Administration Agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, Red Ribbon Week began with Camarena’s family pinning red, satin ribbons to their clothes as a reminder of Camarena’s fight against drugs. Eventually, this humble symbol of Enrique’s life and work grew into a movement where different communities of parents and schools began to educate children about remaining drug-free. Now, Red Ribbon Week encourages youth to remain drug-free through an annual weeklong celebration drug awareness lasting from October 23 to November 1. This year’s theme for Red Ribbon Week, created by a creative seventh grader from Ohio, is “Drug Free Looks Like Me”, which embraces the idea that regular Americans make a difference in their communities when they remain drug-free. In honor of Red Ribbon Week and this year’s theme, Austin has incorporated five spirit days into this week’s agenda. We want to see all the dawgs in their best spirit day attire in support of a drug-free life! Below is a list of Austin’s spirit days for Red Ribbon Week.

Monday 10/25/21

"Be Red-y to Say no to Drugs”- Wear Red

Tuesday 10/26/21

“Wake up Drug Free”- Pajama Pant Day

Wednesday 10/27/21

“Live a Drug Free Life”

Freshmen- Toddlers

Sophomores- Tweens

Juniors- Adults

Seniors- Senior Citizens

Thursday 10/28/21

“Hugs Not Drugs”- Bring a stuffed animal to school

Friday 10/29/21

“Team Up Against Drugs”- Jersey Day or Wear School Colors


[1] Families, Informed. “Red Ribbon Campaign: Largest Drug-Use Prevention Campaign in the U.S.” Red Ribbon Campaign | Largest Drug-Use Prevention Campaign in the U.S.,

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