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Tennis Season

Saylor Campbell


Hey Bulldogs! Spring semester, tennis season is in full swing, and it's clear that Austin tennis is unmatched in terms of talent and ambition. With excitement building around their upcoming Humble tournament and their sights set on districts, our tennis players have continued to be aces on and off the court. We talked with varsity captain Raina Parikh to get a feel for what we'll see from the team moving forward.

How does it feel to be playing again this semester?

"I am excited for the spring season and to have another chance to compete senior year! It's nice to have the opportunity to train more after the fall season and compete again."

What is your favorite event in tennis?

" My favorite event to play is singles."

What qualities make a great tennis player?

"I think great tennis players are intuitive, adaptable, and agile."

What do you want to see the team accomplish?

"In the future, I hope everyone on the team continues to enjoy playing tennis and building their skills. I hope we can have a strong spring seasoning get lots of medals!"

The Legend would like to shout out all of the tennis teams and congratulate them on their success thus far. We're all rooting for you, keep up the great work!

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