TASB Convention, 2021

Ayat Ali

Staff Writer

Over the weekend, students at Austin were given the chance to perform at a convention for the first time, and this opportunity could not be missed. As members of the fine arts made their way to Dallas to perform, the districts of throughout Texas who participated in the convention were proud of the students who performed. We asked members of the convention to describe their experience.

Bashar Zaibaq: “TASB was an outstanding experience where fine arts performers were selected from around the district to come together and perform in Dallas. We had a couple of practices leading up to this, mostly in the summer, and we went to Dallas ready to perform for the Texas Association of School Boards. We got this opportunity to perform because this year, the chairman of TASB is actually from our district and so we were given the opportunity to perform and show the rest of the school districts in Texas what FBISD fine arts looked like. Every fine arts played a role in the performance. Theatre students were given a speech, the choir sang two songs, and the orchestra backed the choir. Along with that, there was a dance routine performed with the band playing a song. Everyone had an important role in making the performance as much of a success as it was.”

Several individuals participated, and the choir started the amazing performance.

Afsheen Sidhpurwala: “It was the first time FBISD performed at a TASB convention. Principles and superintendents of all the districts and schools in Texas gathered to receive awards or give speeches. Selected choir, band, orchestra, dance, and theatre members were chosen from the schools in FBISD to perform. I am in the choir, and we were the ones who began the convention with a fifteen-to-twenty-minute meaning and motivating performance. It was a really fun experience for all of us, we got to meet new people and make new friends.”

Since the convention was such an exciting experience for members of the fine arts community at Austin High School, students hope to attend next fall as well. In hopes of another year at the convention, cheer for the talented students at our school!

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