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Taking on State

Saylor Campbell


Austin’s Band and the Angels returned from San Antonio after competing in the annual UIL State competition this Wednesday. Going up against thirty-eight bands from across the state, Austin’s very own placed twentieth in the competition! Aside from their achievements made performing, the band and angels enjoyed a trip filled with fun, one that we are sure they will look back on happily. We would like to speak for all of Austin when we say how proud we are of the Band and Angels for their hard work throughout this season, as well as their accomplishments at state!

Overall, how do you view the season this year?

Aesha Patel (Angels Dance Member): "We ended the season strongly, and not only did we set expectations for next year, but we also brought back our band show in the best way possible. Everyone put in the hard work that was needed to bring us back from not having a band show last year due to COVID-19. I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that our blood on the parking lot where we practiced, the sweat in our uniforms, and all of the tan lines we received this year was worth it.”

What were your thoughts leading up to the performance, and what was it like performing?

Patel: "We were very excited to present our band show and show the audience what our the “Odyssey” was all about. Going into the performance, everyone was feeling competitive. We wanted to maintain our reputation of being the best in Fort Bend ISD, especially since we were going up against Clements. Also, and I can speak from experience, it was somewhat sad for the seniors because this would be their last show. Through my own watery eyes, I saw people shedding tears of their own and getting emotional once the performance concluded. It was both sad and beautiful.

What do you think makes our band and angels so great?

Patel: “The dedication and hard work that we put into the show, like the hours sacrificed after school for rehearsals and weeks spent practicing in the scorching heat, are why we can perform at our best. All of us enjoy what we do, whether it’s dancing, playing an instrument, or swinging flags, in band we can let go of all of school and life’s difficulties and enjoy something special together while making memories. The Angels haven’t started their competition season yet, but at the end of the year when I’m asked, “What was your favorite angel memory?”, I’ll say that it was the band show season without hesitation.”

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