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Swim Season and Projection

Zain Abbas

Staff Writer

So far, our sports teams have been mostly grim other than obvious exceptions. But do not waiver any further, as our Swim boys' team are completely undefeated with a lineup of 3 top seniors and 2 very promising juniors. Our girls swim team only have one loss so far but going on with a stellar record after the loss. Our only challenge is Clements as they have the best swim team in the district while we are number 2. Not all hope is lost as we have a swimmer that already broke the swim record as a junior. He will get past eligibility and our future as a number one school may seem brighter and if not this year than next year it will be much easier for us to reach the number one status.

For now, our boys team scores have been absolutely dominating. With our scores already being 119 to 62 against Pearland and 198 to 72 against Dulles. We have also beat George ranch recently in the last game and hopefully plan to beat Clements soon after.

“Top 9 In the state last year,” said Ms. North. She plans to get to the top 5 in the state and with our new juggernaut of a player it seems likely. Looks like an exceptionally good future for our swimming team with only one challenge that we will surely overcome.

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