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Powderpuff Game

Saylor Campbell


AHS PALS will host their first Powderpuff football game this afternoon starting at 5:30 pm. The game, which is played by two all-girl football teams who are cheered on by their male peers, is reminiscent of the tool that women would use in the 1940s to powder their faces before attending the first football games. The participation of our female students in the game and Powderpuff additions like food trucks and the much-anticipated halftime show, has Powderpuff tickets selling fast at $5 each. After being coached by Austin football players and bonding with their teammates in practice, Powderpuff players are well prepared for their game this afternoon. We spoke with Powderpuff players, cheerleaders, and spectators to see what they had to say about the upcoming game!

What are you looking forward to the most during the game?

“I’m excited to see the roles switch and have the girls take over. I’m also ready to see everyone het competitive and also cheer on my friends that are playing.”

-Senior Meevel Malath

How does it feel being a player in Powderpuff and how has the team prepared for the game?

“I’m looking forward to playing one last game with my fellow seniors, most of them I’ve known for years. Thanks to our varsity coaches teaching us defense and routes during practice, I’m confident that my team can come out with a win.”

-Senior Brittney Adeck, playing during Powderpuff

The Legend would like to wish each team the best of luck at the game today. Let’s go ladies, show us what it means to play like a BULLDOG!

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