Omicron: The Story That Never Ends

  • There is a new covid variant in town, one that seems to be from the depths of South Africa. It has been named OMICRON and people that are fully vaccinated seem to be infected. Which may be concerning as we will never break the cycle at this rate.

  • Speaking of people being fully vaccinated and getting covid, Lebron James seems to have gotten the virus despite being fully vaccinated. Which is funny timing due to the new variant, despite him not specifically having the OMICRON variant.

  • 1 person in California that was fully vaccinated and that had traveled to South Africa and came back was tested for the new variant and was positive, and now close to our home state Colorado seems to have the same case, fully vaccinated, traveled to South Africa and got covid

  • Hopefully in some dystopia we won’t have to always worry about viruses to the point that it disrupts everyone’s life but that seems too far from a distant future and now we just have to stay safe

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