More on HOCO Spirit Days at Austin

Solae Young

Staff Writer

Last week at Austin, we celebrated Homecoming week through spirit days. On Tuesday, it was Decades Day. For Decades day, you were supposed to dress up as if you were somebody in your favorite decade. The most popular decade was the 90’s. On Wednesday, It was character day. On character day, you were encouraged to dress up as your favorite character. There was lots of Boo from Monsters Inc., Fairly odd parents, and even Princess Tiana from princess and the frog. On Thursday, it was alien day. For alien day, lots of students dressed up as characters from out of this world. Some even wore inflatable alien and minion suits. On the last day, it was blackout w/ mums and seniors wear overalls.

“The best day was decades day. I’ve never seen so many people participate in a spirit day.”- Said Sophomore Jaylin Franklin.

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