Masks no More?

Zain Abbas

Staff Writer

The actual final verdict

According to the FBISD website as of 8/28/21, “The state-wide temporary restraining orders issued by courts in Travis County restraining Governor Abbott from enforcing the parts of Executive Order GA-38 that bar mask mandates are no longer in place.“ While the mask mandate is no longer required, there’s no indication of a decline in cases, there just isn’t a requirement to attend school with a mask.

This is ridiculous!

The cumulative number of cases since the start of the school, which was around a month ago, is around 3,864, the majority being elementary cases and the lowest being department staff. Austin seems to have at least 18-25 Covid cases every Covid cycle. These are often self-reported and do not represent the people who didn’t test or know they had Covid. The usual Covid quarantine is usually a week and then your good to go. But, as more variants grow, they become increasingly advanced and have the potential to become worse than just a couple of symptoms for a week. Sadly, I do not think online learning will take effect unless the virus leads to more loss of life, an extremely dangerous game to play since schools are a breeding ground for advanced, mutated versions of the virus and there are few precautions in place.

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