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Making History

By: Hanna Mohaweche

Coach Brogan during timeout with the Girls’ Varsity Water Polo Team
Water polo is officially a sport that you can try out for across FBISD with Stephen F. Austin being one of the high schools joining in on the competition. Sean Brogan is the head coach and joining forces with Erin North, the assistant coach, to form the first water polo team in history here at our campus. While other teams in the area competed as clubs after swim season this is the first UIL season for everyone in the state of Texas.
Brogan, head coach of swim and water polo, shared his past relationship with the sport and expectations for this season. “I’ve had no experience whatsoever,” Brogan said. “We want to compete and have fun. Learn and grasp an understanding of the sport.”
Brogan extends his determination in trying his best to lead the team to district championships as his duty as coach.
“We will do everything we can to win,” he added. “True hard works pays off and knowing that we put in helps us win games and win meets and get kids to state that may not have won games or meets or got to state without our efforts and coaches.”
Water polo will provide the same work ethic as the swim team.
“My kids work hard and should expect the same out of me. Coach North and I really put in a lot of work into our aquatics programs to be successful,” Brogan said. “Not a lot of people care about swim or water polo and truly know the work and dedication we put into the sport.”

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