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Luca Martinez's Year End Review

Luca Martinez



National- Mobs of Trump supporters rioted through the capitol buildings.

School- Second Semester of online school started up, with many kids switching to in person learning.


National- Buccaneers win the Super Bowl

School- Austin soccer advances to district


National- Citizens of Myanmar protest after a coup d'état

School- Masks were put under question as the vaccine was being introduced


National- A reported4 million doses of the vaccine were given throughout the country

School- Juniors,sophomores, and freshmen all took their STAAR tests


National- The deadliest drug raid in history occurred in Brazil, leaving 25 dead

School- Masks were deemed not mandatory for students anymore


National- Hearings will be held for those who incited in the capitol riots

School- The 2020-21 school year ends after many setbacks, challenges, and some successes. On to the next.


National- The Covid- Delta variant is wrecking through states, most notably Missouri

School- Summer School starts with more than 600 kids on Edgenuity and in person


National- The Olympics end, with USA claiming the most medals

School- The 2021-22 school year starts amidst all local and worldwide drama


National- Schools are still deciding whether to allow masks or not despite many people already choosing their side

School- Football and Tennis season both are underway and into regular season competitions


National- Fuel shortages have people screaming at Joe Biden at the gas pump

School- Cross Country season ends with Nishil Shah placing 5th in district runs


National- City workers called in sick in order to protest the vaccine mandate by President Biden

School- Basketball season starts with tryouts


National- Omicron Variant is sweeping the nation, and many people have become careless in protecting themselves against the virus

School- Soccer season starts and 3 teams are announced