Little Miss Mystery


The page that has been calling out everyone on any insecurity you may have. The new Instagram page has been blowing up with over 100 followers within 12 hours. The question is who is behind all this. Is it a girl? A boy? A freshman or junior? A group of people?

Whoever the owner of the little miss page is, is facing lots of trouble. Accounts of bullying and false accusations have caused the creator to report to the AP’s. Many students that have been posted on the page expressed anger and frustration.

However, some students find the page funny and comedic. The account has also posted an Austin High School teacher and tagging them in the post. But how far is too far?

The page has been officially taken down marking the end of the drama, but the mystery still lingers. Names have been thrown around of the culprit behind the page and many people know or have an idea who it is. But there has been no confirmation from the owner of their identity.

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