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Kickin' It

Saylor Campbell

Assistant Editor

Young, AHS's first varsity female football player.

As students at Austin High School return to campus for the start of the fall semester, they will once again experience the excitement surrounding back- to- school season. The beginning of yet another unprecedented school year has brought many changes to the Bulldog community, among the biggest being a new member on the football team. For the first time in years, the varsity football team has a female kicker in Solae Young. The Legend sat down with Young, as well as one of her teammates Deamarkus Griffin, to get their perspective on the newest addition to the team.

How did you get into football?

Young: “I got into football because I was joking with the coach and asked him if he needed a kicker for next year since his old kicker was a senior, and he said yes, but I didn’t think he was serious at first.”

What’s the dynamic between you and your teammates?

Young: “Being on the team is nice because the boys are like my brothers, and at the end of the day, I know they will have my back even though I might talk trash to them every once and a while.”

What are your biggest strengths as a player?

Young: “I’m not going to lie, I don’t know what my biggest strengths are, other than having a really supportive kicking teammate and a positive coach.”

How did you feel playing your first game, was there any added pressure being a female kicker?

Young: “When I played my first “game”, it was a scrimmage, and I was extremely nervous. My heart was pounding in my chest so loud that I could hear it in my ears. But after I kicked the field goal, well the feeling was indescribable.” And I don’t feel any pressure being a female kicker.”

In addition to hearing from the Bulldogs’ newest recruit, The Legend spoke with her teammate Deamarkus Griffin to hear what he had to say about playing with Solae.

How has it been having Solae on the team so far?

Deamarkus: “It’s been nice having Solae on the team, we all enjoy working with her, and it’s been really good.”

What kind of player is Solae, and what has she brought to the team this season?

Deamarkus: “Solae’s a dedicated player, and she’s a good teammate. We had a scrimmage recently, and she did very good. Solae shows up every day and stays full time, sometimes more, even when she doesn’t have to. You can tell she’s committed.”

How would you describe Solae personally?

Deamarkus: “As a player and a person, Solae’s very friendly and committed to her game.”

As fall football begins, it’s clear that Young’s addition to the team has kicked the season off to a great start.

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