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How Hurricane Harvey prepared us for Tropical Storm Nicholas

Ayat Ali

Staff Writer

Tropical Storm Nicholas has brought a great effect on those in Eastern Texas and Louisiana. As the storm made its landfall on Tuesday, Austin High School released it’s students early on Monday, and shut down on Tuesday in anticipation of high winds, rain, and possible flash floods. We spoke with members of the high school to understand their fears and perspectives on the storm.

“What is your experience with storms and hurricanes in Texas?”

Alvin Shiju: "Well, Hurricane Harvey happened when I was in India. My dad was working here at the time, though. He showed me pictures and videos of cars underwater. He was trapped in the hospital he works at, but when he got back he was fine. His apartment and the area he lived in was completely flooded, and only roofs were visible."

Momina Faisal: "It hasn’t been bad, except our lights go out. Because of the annual hurricane season, I think Texans are equipped and ready for storms and hurricanes no matter what. That’s why it hasn’t affected me that much."

Selina Plora : "My experiences have been okay. I haven’t really been affected directly but I have felt the shift in people and things around me."

“What are your thoughts and fears of this hurricane season (more specifically this current storm)?”

Alvin Shiju: "Since I never witnessed the destruction hurricane season can cause first hand, I don’t really have a fear of this storm, or hurricane season at all, for that matter.”

Momina Faisal: "I’m scared that areas will start to flood like last time. I’m afraid there won't be enough resources for people, and that people will get stuck. I do think that Hurricane Harvey plays a major role in this because it plays a part in the thought process and fears we go through as Texans. "

Selina Plora: "I really fear that this storm will do a lot of damage and set us back from many opportunities, similar to how Harvey did to Houston. But I’m not sure if I just fear this because of what happened in previous years in hurricane season."

“How has this storm affected you and members of Austin High School, and how do you think it will affect other Texans?”

Alvin Shiju: "I haven’t been affected really, but I understand how others have been impacted. We didn't even feel the effect of this current hurricane but there must be thousands of Texans right now who don't have access to power and electricity or even clean drinking water. There are even people who have lost their homes and everything they own."

Momina Faisal: "I think it’s mostly affected us by making us ready. This storm taught us to always be prepared and acknowledge that Texas weather can change at any time. It helps us guarantee that we always have the resources that we need in case anything goes wrong."

Selina Plora: "The storm has not affected me directly, but it has affected my dad. In just two days, it’s even affected his work and daily routine. Many people at this school, and other Texans, can lose many valuable things and even their homes because of this storm."

As we tackle another storm as a community, we should stand together and help those we need resources and support, not only at Austin High School, but throughout the state. Let us view this storm as an opportunity to be better families and friends, because that will allow us to recover from the possible damage this storm has done.