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History of Homecoming Mums

“Everything is bigger in Texas” the famous saying stands true when it comes to homecoming mums. The first sighting of a homecoming mum in Texas was at Baylor University in 1930, but the first mum ever spotted was in 1911 in Missouri. Texas did make the mums bigger but more artificial in the 80’s.

It varies in each region, Houston has more modern and bigger mums and Central Texas has fairly big mums and more traditional/ school colors. The mums that are made very big every year, but the longest is 18 feet made by Whataburger.

Mums are a big Texas tradition for high schoolers, many family members love to get involved and help make the mums. Most will wear the mums to school all day and sometimes to the homecoming football game.

Many Texas residents have started businesses crafting beautiful mums for the high schoolers. Each mum is created uniquely for each student wearing them. Every year it is a big event to show off the mums and participate in the tradition.

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