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Dillon Tremble Interview

1. How did you feel when scoring the winner

point for the first 2 football games?

"Scoring the game winning field goal both games were exciting hearing the crowd and all my teammates cheer as they new this could be the game we win was amazing."

2. How has football been for you so far since

this is your first year?

"The bond between players is close being on the football team it makes you feel welcome."

3. What is your opinion on the last game?

"During our last game, it was tough because we had a late start with us not starting the game of how we normally did. It was a big setback for us."

4. How is everyone like in the football team?

"Like a second family with the way we talk and clown around with each other."

5. What is your prediction on the next

football game?

"I believe we will win going into the next game with the work we put in after the game and during this weeks it makes me feel very confident in are team."

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