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Cross Country

Luca Martinez

Staff Writer

With summer coming to an end, cross country season is in its prime, as all kinds of athletes go to work for this cross country season.

"The grind is real”, said dual-athlete Ryan Repiel. “Cross country has helped me condition myself on other sports, not just running.” He mentions,” There is a moment when you are breathing, you feel the air, the wind on your face, it's mesmerizing.... you slowly realize how beautiful it is, and the family you’ve built on this team.” Family is a great way to explain the winning culture built by Austin and its committed cross country athletes.

Many athletes who show up to XC practices aren't strictly XC runners, and are using the sport to condition themselves for other sports. So, not only will our XC team be competitive this year, thanks to Coach Laney and his crew, but you can look forward to seeing the positive affects XC will have on our other sports teams this year.

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