County Fair Contestants

Saylor Campbell

Assistant Editor

Senior Chelsey Gregorek with her Dark Cross Barrow Franklin.

The annual Fort Bend County Fair will kick off this Friday. For many students at Austin, particularly those in FFA, county fair season marks a crucial point in their agricultural and livestock education, as various scholarships and recognition are awarded to promising FFA students during the fair’s events. Here’s what one student had to say about their expectations for the fair and what they will bring to the competition.

What is a typical competition at the county fair like?

Chelsey Gregorek: "It’s my first time showing but going off the rodeo it’s like other sports. He (Franklin) has to feel good and be in a good place. Even though he can become stressed, he has water and I stay there constantly."

What’s it been like working with Franklin?

Chelsey Gregorek: “I’ve been raising for five months, and he has been on high quality feed and had a lot of practice. He’s gotten muscular. I hope that he makes it to the top ten."

What has been the most memorable thing about this year’s county fair season?

Chelsey Gregorek: "This is my last pig. Franklin has a big personality, and he loves attention, but he loves showing and is good with teamwork. He’s so lovely!"

We want to wish the best of luck to Austin’s students who are participating in this weekend’s events, and to the rest of our Austin community, be sure to come out and support your peers at the county fair day!

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