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Climate Scientist Stages Protest

Zayd Ali


Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who was arrested for chaining himself to the entrance of the JP Morgan Chase building in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 6th. While Kalmus got off with no lasting consequences, Kalmus urges the people who took notice of the event to understand the purpose behind it, and its dire implications.

JP Morgan Chase is currently the forefront among investors into new fossil fuel programs, the driving factor behind Kalmus’ decision of where to protest. As to why, Kalmus believes the planet is approaching its “Eleventh hour,” a term meaning a point of no return. Kalmus fears that if we do not change our dependence on fossil fuels, our logging of major forests, and our overall wasteful energy consumption, the planet will be a casualty.

Kalmus preached this for years, and after largely being ignored, decided to take drastic action, resulting in chaining himself to the Chase building. Kalmus’ story certainly makes an eye catching headline, but for the sake of our planet, we have to consider the significance of his motivation, and how it will affect our climate, and society, moving forward.

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