2021 Homecoming King and Queen

Saylor Campbell

Assistant Editor

Homecoming King Nathan Su and Homecoming Queen Rain Parikha

Hey dawgs'! The Legend is proud to introduce this year's Homecoming King and Queen, seniors Nathan Su and Raina Parikh!

The King and Queen were crowned on the field of Stafford Stadium prior to kickoff, and were accompanied by their families. Homecoming King Nathan Su was nominated for Homecoming Court by the AHS swim team and orchestra, and is a student leader in both organizations. Homecoming Queen Raina Parikh was nominated for Homecoming Court by the AHS tennis team, and is a captain on the team. Both the King and Queen are recognized as student leaders by their AHS peers, as their warm personalities, dedication to their organizations, and school spirit made the student body's selection of King and Queen an easy choice. It was clear from the thunderous applause and collective excitement of the crowd upon hearing the homecoming court results that the dawgs' were more than happy to cheer on the 2021 Homecoming royalty!

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