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The Dawgs are Out...2022

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Saylor Campbell


May 25,2022 

  May 26, 2022, marks the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer break for the bulldogs. A year that contained its fair share of highs and lows, from coming back after more than a year of virtual learning to turning pandemic fueled angst into school spirit at events throughout the year, the dawgs marked the 2021-2022 schoolyear as one for the books.

  With highlights from the year ranging from the lady dawgs’ record-breaking basketball season, excellence in the arts such as band’s state trip and orchestra placing in the Midwest clinic, and several moments of student expression at events such as the recent Women’s Rights walkout, Austin’s student body was instrumental in creating the sense of vigor that can be attributed to this year.

  It’s impossible to think about the conclusion of each schoolyear without considering what it means for the graduating class. Committed to making an impact during their final year at AHS, senior achievements such as academic success, athletic signings, scholarship awards, and college acceptances, were key in reminding our community what it means to be a bulldog and solidifying the foundation that seniors have built for the future during their time at Austin. As a graduating senior, I think I can speak the class of 2022 in saying that we could not have reached this point without the unfailing dedication of Austin’s teachers and staff. Thank you.

  As editor of The Legend, I would like to thank the newspaper crew and our sponsor Mr. Moore for their hard work in bringing Austin’s stories to light. You’ve shown me the importance using journalism as a means for others to share their perspectives, because as we’ve seen throughout this year, when people are given a platform to speak, the perspectives they share and the change they make is powerful. Thank you for the memories and for taking the time to share your stories with us!

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